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Wikipedia Use for Dummies

updated 20/08/2015

Wikipedia bias

Simple lexicals in different languages

I propose learning by experience, in fact I experieced myself what it is like to use the wikipedia while preparing this course. I will redo my own exploration and propose some other  wikipedia pages to look at, just click the links…

La Pédagogie Freinet. next to ‘project onderwijs’ developed by Paulo Freire and William Heard Kilpatric are both methods for experiental learning.

There are Wikipedia pages in different languages about the developer of ‘la méthode Freinet’, Célestin Freinet. Freinet’s method aimed at primary school, though it is adapted to secondary education later on in Ghent  and is to be implemented in technical education also .

Project onderwijs’ has an expanded Dutch Wikipedia page, but no page in English. If you didn’t already know, to find pages in other languages on Wikipedia, look in the left corner beneath.

Wikipedia Screenshot
Wikipedia Screenshot: Click to expand

More unbalances. Look at the German page of Oskar Negt and compare it with the English page. Look at the length of both pages.

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Google Search for Dummies

Last Update: 04/05/2019

Data Voids: Where Missing Data Can Easily Be Exploited

Search plays a unique role in modern online information systems.

Unlike with social media, where users primarily consume algorithmically curated feeds of information, the typical approach to a search engine begins with a query or question in an effort to seek new information.

However, not all search queries are equal. There are many search terms for which the available relevant data is limited, non-existent, or deeply problematic.

We call these “data voids.”

Data Voids: Where Missing Data Can Easily Be Exploited explores different types of data voids; the challenges that search engines face when they encounter queries over spaces where data voids exist; and the ways data voids can be exploited by those with ideological, economic, or political agendas. (Source: Data & Society)

See this example where you see how data voids are utilized by extremists. So choose your search terms well.

Using forms on Google’s advanced search pages

Advanced image search

Google Advanced Image Search Screenshot
Google Advanced Image Search Screenshot

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