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Howto avoid on line tracking

Last update: 17 September 2014

On your laptop or home computer

Avoid google tracking by installing  “Do not track me” or “Ghostery” as an extension for your browser.

Quote of  developer of “Do not Track me” Abine:

“Companies place third party trackers on their sites for a variety of reasons: to get insights on you, gather information about you to sell to advertisers, or combine what you do on their site with what you do on other sites.

How does DoNotTrackMe block them? When web pages load, there are snippets of code that instantly start tracking you. Our engineering team works hard to figure out who these companies are – and how their code works – so that DoNotTrackMe can stop them.

DoNotTrackMe also protects your email address, phone, and credit card from being abused by companies on the web and on your mobile device.

You can get started for free. Just install DoNotTrackMe for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer. When you browse, you’ll automatically block these trackers!”

On your smarphone

When you have ‘location services’ switched on in your phone, Google is tracking wherever your smartphone goes, and putting a neat red dot on a map to mark the occasion. You can find that map here.

Google’s mobile Maps apps for Android and the iPhone track everywhere you go. Every single day. All of the time.

To see if you have location history enabled, head to the Google Maps Location history page.

Click the gear-icon button to access History settings. Here, you can choose to disable or enable the service.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET
Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

The data Google collects is put to use in a number of ways. It helps Google better tailor its services to each individual user, and it also obviously helps Google build a more accurate advertising profile of each user. But you can opt out of Google Maps location tracking quickly and easily.

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